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CRC’s mission is to help the community recognize, appreciate, and develop activities that will improve the community’s government, stimulate its economy, preserve its history, encourage its cultural growth and promote social harmony. The scope of our activities includes but is not limited to:

  • Registration and preservation of the historical heritage of Gyumri City
  • Rejuvenation of the urban image that Gyumri had in pre-soviet era
  • Initiating the actions of cultural diplomacy in the states of South Caucasus
  • Involving local neighborhoods communities into creation and promotion of public spaces
  • Providing on-line place-based education to Gyumri citizenry
  • For more details download our booklet in English, Russian and Armenian.


    Database Concept and Realization

      Name / Activity Current Position
    Armine Avetisyan
    Database operator
    CRC Administrative Manager Assistant
    Ashot Mirzoyan Ashot Mirzoyan
    Team leader, research specialist
    CRC Administrative Manager
    Gagik Demirchyan Gagik Demirchyan
    Computer Manager
    Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute, AssociateProfessor. Gyumri Information TechnologyTraining Center, Project manager
    Janik Janikyan Janik Janikyan
    Scanning and Digital photos
    CRC officer
    Martin Maisenheimer Martin Maisenheimer
    Language expert
    US Peace Corps Volunteer
    Paruyr Zakaryan Paruyr Zakaryan
    Resaerch specialist
    "Kumairi" Museum preserve director
    Robert Ziroyan Robert Ziroyan
    Concept Development
    UNDP Communtiy Development Project Coordiantor
    Roza Hovhannisyan Roza Hovhannisyan
    Language expert
    Siranush Gevorgyan Siranush Gevorgyan
    CRC volunteer

    Web Site Concept and Realisation

    Armine Avetisyan Armine Avetisyan
    Web administrator
    CRC Administrative Manager
    Artoush Mkrtchyan Artoush Mkrtchyan
    Concept Development General Management
    CRC Executive Director
    Ashot Galstyan Ashot Galstyan
    Concept development, web programmer
    Web Development
    Ashot Mirzoyan Ashot Mirzoyan
    Concept development, Team leader
    CRC Administrative Manager
    Jane Britt Greenwood Jane Britt Greenwood
    Concept development, language expert
    Mississippi State University,
    College of Architecture,
    Art and Design Associate Dean
    Janik Janikyan Janik Janikyan
    Materials Development
    CRC officer
    Narine Galstyan Narine Galstyan
    Web designer
    Web Design and Development
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